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Official University of Bukavu

Univeristé Officielle de Bukavu

The University was established in 1995 under an Act of Parliament in 1993 as University of Kisangani Extension Centre of Bukavu. It attained a full university status in 2006. It was established out of a dire need for highly qualified and skilled manpower in South- Kivu Province, eastern DR Congo. Its original mandate was to train and deliver scholars capable to foster innovations responsive to the demands of society. The university is organized in faculties, departments, and research facilities.

Information/Services required by Incoming/Outgoing Students
No. Service
1 Academic calendar
2 Description of course types/how to look for courses
3 Information about the credit transfer system and recognition at the home university
4 Registration at the University
5 Administrative/academic contact person at the university

Université Offcielle de Bukavu
RDC, Bukavu, C. Kadutu
karhale, Campus U.O.B
Tel: +243 853999906
Tel. (+243) 853 999 906 (Rector), E-mail: /
Tel. (+243)993 157 064 (Academic Registrar)
Tel. (+243) 816 578 098 (Academic Registrar), E-mail:
6 Social life/orientation programme (buddy network)
7 Facilities for students with special needs (handicapped persons, students with family)
8 language courses
9 Social media networks
Page facebook= uob.bukavu.7
chaine youtube=
10 Accommodation
11 Information how to open a student bank account
12 Entry and residence permits (VISA)
13 Vaccinations required
14 Insurance
15 Cost of living (information about average price examples, currency)

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Department of Biology

The Department of Biology is one of the seventeen departments of the university, with a mandate to train, research and disseminate knowledge in Hydrobiology and Sustainable Management of Plant Resources. The Hydrobiology Section is mandated to train and equip graduates with the requisite academic and entrepreneurial skills in the areas of aquatic sciences, with focus in the following areas: management of fisheries and aquatic resources, fish farming and aquaculture, conservation and sustainable use of aquatic habitats, limnology, among others. In this regard, it offers programs leading to the award of BSc. and Licentiate (MSc. I) degree in Biology, Option of Hydrobiology.

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Staff Profiles

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