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Year Six Credit seeking Mobilities 2022/2023

COTRA has opened the call for application from suitable PhD and MSc credit seeking candidates to apply for the available positions indicated in Tables 1 before 8th December 2022 (Midnight East African time).

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The EU under its Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme, has provided funding to support training of graduate students in African universities...

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24 Masters (6 credit seeking, 18 degree-seeking) and 12 Doctorates (4 credit seeking, 8 degree-seeking)] will be trained in the thematic areas of...

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Important message to international students

Please be cautious when receiving any publicity inviting you to apply for an Intra-Africa scholarship or a message to pay a fee to be selected as a scholarship holder. We have been informed of numerous attempted scams. Before giving out any personal data, please always verify that the information comes from a trustworthy source. Please also note that candidates do not have to pay any fees to benefit from an Intra-Africa scholarship.


Here is Information/Services required by Incoming/Outgoing Students

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