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How do I apply for COTRA scholarships?

Download COTRA scholarship application form is found here >>

Download the scholarship application form, fill it and submit it following the application procedure here >>


Before submitting your application, please familiarize yourself with the application guidelines/checklist below:

  1. Check for eligibility by reading the call guidelines here >>
  2. Choose the Target Group to which you belong and establish the available scholarships in that category
  3. Choose and select the academic programme for which you wish to apply for a scholarship and ensure that you understand the Tuition Language in which the programme of your choice is instructed
  4. Ensure that you have an academic background required by the academic programme you have selected
  5. You can neither apply to more than one academic programme nor Hosting institution
  6. Several documents are mandatory, if not uploaded or attached the form cannot be submitted or your application will not be accepted
  7. In circumstances where documents are corrupted, unclear or unreadable, the application will be considered invalid and will not be evaluated
  8. Only applications submitted according to the guideline and requirements will be accepted.

Also familiarize yourself with the Graduate Admissions procedures from different host institution, as this contains essential information about courses offered, entrance requirements, mandatory documents and admissions deadlines. Admission procedures here >>

If you have any questions in relation to submitting your application, please contact any of the Country coordinators here >>